Friday, May 14, 2010

A super long post of Whitver memories

Hey friends!

Wow- school is OVER! I am super happy yet at the same time super sad. I am SO going to miss everyone this summer! Especially the seniors!! I am happy to be done with school, though! Man, I can't believe my freshman year of high school is over! Craziness!

Tonight is the wedding of the darling and wonderful couple Nicole Lukens and Bryan Adams! They are so wonderful! I am very excited about their wedding! Mom made the main wedding cake! :D (I'll post pics soon!)

I am sad, though, to be missing band night... but I'm really glad we are going to the wedding. :o)

I wanted to take sometime to reflect over this past school year! (warning: this is gonna be super long haha)

-I had the best job ever. Everyone at Whitver has a job- it could be anything from sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, to the best job of all: setting out pizza plates! ohhh yeahh it is definitely a SCORE job! It helped me learn names very quickly (which I am weird about anyways haha). Our job was just to sit them out on a table so people could come get them to get their pizza, but usually we put them in a crazy order so I would stand and hand them out. Some girls always asked me for their pizza plate. Some people got competitive about getting their plate first which made me smile. ~:-) Yesterday to celebrate the end of the year we arranged the plates to spell "FREE." :D

Angela, Joy, and Lily- the lovely pizza girls :o)

-I am really, really going to miss lit lab. Ohhhhh my gracious I have never laughed so hard. Who knows what we were ever laughing about! haha! Like that one time we all died laughing for FIVE minutes. Seriously. I have NO idea what we were laughing about. Or the time Jonathan D tried to kill my character off in the play and I refused to die. Or the countless times Dean, Cori, Anna Lea, Michael, Jonathan, and Mrs. Boye have listened to my incredibly long papers. We've laughed so hard we cried. We have eaten donuts and other yummy treats. We've played hangman with a shark underneath the victim. haha. My laugh has scared other classes. Or the multiple, many times I have distracted everyone (whoops! haha). Think frantic texts that surprise parties were spoiled? ohh yesss. haha. Or that time Jonathan was the only guy and we had this long discussion about when Mrs. Boye had her baby like the day I visited Whitver. Poor guy! He was kinda like, "I am just going to sit here and read my yearbook..." Cori- "Let's talk about stuff blowing up for Jonathan!" Or the time Anna Lea was telling us about how her binder cover was a symbol of her life. Cori- "You have a picture of Orlando Bloom. What does that mean [as a symbol of your life]?" hahaha. Or the time Mrs. Boye said, "Pick a number between one and five." Anna Lea- "5." Cori- "7." I really loved that class and am really going to miss it. We were always so slap happy. hahahaha. And next year I have chemistry at the end of the year... ohhhh dear... Here is a picture of us minus Jonathan (Michael saved a spot for him though haha)
-Davis and Senor Durham saying "Que chevere" without a spanish accent so it sounded like "Kayyy chehveeerrrayyyyy" hahaha. (it means "That's cool!" or "That's awesome!") I am going to be like 90 years old in Mexico some day, am going to hear someone say that, and think of them and laugh. :o)
-The crazy talentedness of these people. Oh my gracious. Everyone is so talented! And everyone (well not pianists haha) brings their instruments to school and plays them. It's so cool to be chillin' in study hall listening to people play. Folks bring their guitars, electric guitars, Hawaiian guitars, mandolins, fiddles, violins- you name it they bring it!
-Band night. Uhhhhmmmmaazzzzinnngg.
-The dances. Sock hop, English country dance, and swing dance! So fun!
-The school environment. We are like a big happy family! Everyone is SO NICE! I love Whitver!
-Having an hour for lunch. The first day, I, an NSCA graduate where we get 25 mins, choked down my lunch in like 10 mins. I was surprised when everyone left after announcements. I asked someone where everyone was going and they said we had an hour for lunch! Partayyyy!
-Being on yearbook staff.
-The yearbook- it is amazing and gorgeous.
-Happy and sweet notes from people in my yearbook!
-intellectual discussions every week.
-getting notes on my pizza plate.
-laughing A LOT every Thursday.
-Getting hugs from sweet girls on Thursdays.
-Being able to give a DHT presentation at school.
-Having a Dr. Pepper every week :o)
-Hearing about Senor Durham's "magically delicious." And I have YET to hear it! haha!
-Reading a book pretty much every week for lit.
-Going to Banquet and half the people there Whitver folks.
-Lively discussions it lit class.
-Biology labs.
-Rat dissection. That was definitely an unforgettable lab.
-Mrs. Quint telling us about how to make life happen, and not let it happen to you.
-Biology at 8 am every Thursday. ;o)
-The time I was so tired at biology lab that when Ms. Tamara asked me my name I had to think about it. hahaha.
-The day I was in a different study hall and studied for a spanish oral exam with Hannah, Anna, and Nathan and I owned everything. hahahaha. "Hola! Bienvenida a mi hotel!" "Hola! Bienvenido a mi restaurante!" "Hola! Bienvenido a mi avion!"
A picture of my clase de espanol!
-the last day of geometry and we all brought food. Yummmm!
-geometry class and amazing quotes (see end of post).
-Singing a song in Spanish for international day with spanish 1 and 2 classes. "Un lugar celestial"
-seeing Fiddler on the Roof.
-my fabulous teachers.
-everyone at Whitver who makes it such a wonderful place!

I am SO SO SO SO thankful to be at Whitver. It is so wonderful and the people are amazing. I love you guys!

So. That was super long. And if you read it all, thanks. ~:-) Now when I am an old 12th grader writing my bio for yearbook I'll have some ideas. :o)


Lily :o)

P.S. And to finish it off, here are some:

-Misc quotes from geometry (taken from Riley's note on FB)
Ok so some of these don't even make sense when i look back at them, but appartently they were funny enough at the time that i wrote them down.
"Drunken Cylinders." -Mrs. Myers
"It's a vertical angle!"-Isabella
"You need geometry to cut hair!"-Joanna
"Well if penguins have feathers, then so do cats."-Andrew
"Dashed it on the jagged rocks!"-Beau
"Fine I won't put the ball in your court."-Beau
"Point the pointer to the smaller angle!"-Mrs. Myers
"It's very cookbookie."-Mrs. Myers
"That's very tricksy."-Lily
"Fine. I'll do the proof. I'll take the bullet."-Joanna
"The 9 looks like a little balloon to the side."-Beau
"Oh! It's the box thing!"-Beau
"It looks scary but it's really not."-Mrs. Myers
"It's really sinchy."-Mrs. Myers
"That was my inner child singing a song."-Beau
"Guys my world is totally turned upside down! Half of the veggies on veggie tales aren't vegetables!"-Lily
"Don't steal my glory!"-Joanna
"I would say that i'm a beacon of niceness."-Joanna
"No no...i would say you are a beacon of sarcasm. Oh wait change that to a fog horn of sarcasm."-Beau

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  1. I absolutly love the quote about veggie tales, your so right i never even thought about that-McKenzie