Saturday, April 3, 2010

God is so good!

Some of our dear, dear neighbors have been trying to sell their house for a while. One day as I was walking back up our driveway from getting the mail, I noticed several cars were at their house for a showing. I prayed that the Lord would lay it on their hearts to put an offer on the house! I prayed that He would use it to build our faith and also of our neighbors trying to sell their house. Soon after praying for them, we went over to the neighbors next to the house for sale. While the same couple was looking at the house, ANOTHER couple showed up to see it! While they were waiting outside, Ms. Ulla and I spoke with the husband, praising the house and the neighborhood. :o) I kept praying for their house to sell! That was this past Wednesday. I just received an email from the house owner, Ms. Kathie, that BOTH of those couples had put an offer on the house! Is God not amazing?! I was so encouraged that He had laid it upon BOTH of their hearts! Even though we will very dearly miss our wonderful neighbors, I am glad that their house was able to sell. We love them very much and will miss them terribly!!

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