Monday, March 29, 2010

Publicity, Good News Club, and cars stop for buses

Hey friends!

Well, I was SOOOOOOOOO excited to get all of my publicity stuff for the conference today! I got four packages, which included: three posters, two books, two DVD promos, TONS of flyers, and all of my instructions!! I was so very happy!!! :D (and still am! :D)

As I looked at all of my flyers etc. it hit me that it was my job to get the word out. Two Rivers holds around 2500 or so and we want to fill it up! Very exciting! You will be hearing more about the conference and my publicity job soon, don't worry ~:-)

Here are some pics of my goodies:

Today I also had the privilege of going to Good News Club. GNC is like a Sunday school type thing on Monday afternoons for inner city kids. We go pick up the kids in the CPA bus and then go to the Freewill Baptist Church somewhere in Nashville (it's down the street from Bobbie's Dairy Dip). It amazes us how the parents send off their kids with a bunch of white people on a bus! Hey- we have candy and cookies! haha :o) GNC is amazing and is so fun! There are probably about 20-30 kids that come. Half of them have very interesting names so can be interesting to pronounce. :o) There are also lots of silent letters- for example, Kendria is pronounced Kendra. There is another precious little kid who has a very interesting name which has been shortened to Duah by the leaders. :o) This was my third week to go to GNC and I really hope to make it a weekly thing! There are also lots of great quotes:

~Jarvis, after being asked how school went with the added 30 mins: "It was an extra 30 mins of nothin'"
~Kendria: "Does God have a momma?" Me- "No, God does not have a momma." "How come he don't have a momma?! Everybody has a momma!"

And lots more!

Once we have picked up all of the kids and come back to the church, we sing songs and then read part of a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible (which is awesome!). Today the story was about the little children coming to see Jesus. After Will, one of the leaders, reads part of the story, we pause the story, and are split up into groups. Each group has 1-2 leaders with 2-4 kids. Today Jenny and I had four very hyper and energetic little boys. After we split into groups, we pray, finish the story, answer some questions, do a craft, and pray again. After that is snack time and then GNC is over. I really enjoy going!!!

Here is a picture of me with a very cute little girl named Rikhia:

Be blessed today!

Matthew 19:14

14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”


Lily :o)

P.S. "Cars stop for buses" is a phrase used by GNC leaders since we pick up kids in a bus :o)

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  1. Oh, yes, looove the Jesus Storybook Bible! I read it all the time to myself lol.