Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend

Hey Friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We have had some action packed past few days! :o)

On Friday evening we went to the Yoder's for the annual BOTVB (usually BOTB- Burning of the Brown. I edited it to be Burning of the VERY Brown :o) What is BOTB? We burn our Christmas tree! It was very fun!! (yup so maybe we are pyros haha)

We went to have lunch and an easter egg hunt with Ms. Shulamith, Emily, and Callie on Saturday which was so fun!! It was fun even though some bozo got out of his car apparently, stole a hidden egg from the yard, got back into his car, and bragged about it to me while driving off. Most peculiar and strange. "Hey! Lookin' for this?" *holds up (empty) plastic green egg* "Peace out!!" *evil cackling while speeding away with said easter egg* It was super weird. I mean, seriously?! What kind of person steals eggs from small children?! Obviously some very messed person! haha :o) We still had a great time with our dear friends! We ate a delicious lunch, decorated easter eggs, had an easter egg hunt, went to the creek, played with kittens, and had lots of fun! :o)

On Easter Sunday, we went to church! I played all of the hymns for church and it all went very well! We just got a new sound system which sounds AHHHHMAZING!!!! :D And Mr Steve accompanied me (piano), Jeremy (lead and guitar), Michael (guitar), and Aaron (drums) playing his fiddle (or violin??). It sounded great! I really enjoy playing every week with these guys! ~:-) Jeremy taught and preached and they were both great. :o) Check out this link soon to listen online! That afternoon, after church, we went with Nana and Papa to the Meeks' house for Easter dinner! Yum! We had a great time of fellowship with them!

This week we are having our bathroom remodeled! Mr. Nick and Ms. Marlene are doing a great job! Yesterday we had a very exciting day... Something broke (?) and anyway, water came flooding out into our bathroom (which is the one being remodeled) and through the light fixture in the downstairs den over the old dining room table. It was CRAZY! It was like a shower! Nicholas, Mr. Nick and Ms. Marlene's son, was downstairs and all of the sudden I heard him yell, "It's coming out of the ceiling!" I started laughing when i saw it because it was just so crazy! Mr. Nick frantically started looking for a way to turn the water off. Ms. Marlene was being flooded in the bathroom while I was emptying the bucket underneath the dumping light fixture. Mom was calling Dad who was on the way to Dollywood to try to find the water turn off. Finally, like 10 or 15 mins later (who knows how long it was!) he found the shut off and the dumping ceased. Ahhh. It was very stressful! Not every day you have to save your house from a flood! Several hours later the stress of it all hit me and I felt like I needed a nap! haha :o) Anyway they are doing a great job!

Hannah is coming in five days!! Monday the 12th!! I am so excited for her to come!!!

Enjoy the pics!

Day 2
Day 1
Hey look it's raining in our house! This pic does not do justice to how much water was dumping out... This pic was taken after the water was turned off and it was just draining...
The "before" pic
Well, this was definitely a veryyyyy long post! Thanks for bearing with me ~:-)


Lily :o)

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