Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review Friday and other thoughts

Hey friends!

I have not blogged much this week- whoops!

Well, school started back yesterday... I was very sad for spring break to end! It was a nice taste of summer though! Anyway, I was not very excited about having to go back to school, but had a great day! My day included laughing for five straight minutes in lit lab: smack the table, all of us crying, and stomach hurt kind of laughing :o) It was great! :o) Now what were we laughing about?! :o)

Last night Nana, Julia, and I watched the new Pride and Prejudice and had ice cream! Ahhhh soooo good!!! I love it!! We also saw a gorgeous double rainbow after the storm! I will hopefully post a pic soon! It was amazing- and such a great reminder of God's promise!

Mom and Dad are coming home from Utah tomorrow! They have sent us lots of picture messages (love that unlimited! :o) so it has been so fun to see pictures of where they are!

Our Start Here books came on Wednesday!! I have already started it!

Book Review

This week for school we read a play by Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun. My rating: (1-10) 4

Yup, this was definitely not my favorite book! This book did have really great symbolism, though. It is a story about a poor African American family in Chicago in the 1950s. This family consists of Mama (Lena), son Walter Jr, his wife Ruth, and their son Travis, and Lena's second child, Beneatha. Walter Sr., the dad, has died and the family is waiting to get the insurance money of $10,000. All of them have dreams deferred- being a doctor, being rich, being happy, having a big house, etc. In the end they realize they need to stick together as a family. This book would have been much better without Walter Jr. spouting trashy words every other sentence, though this was part of his characterization. I did not care much for that. :P

Lily :o)

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