Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here are some pictures from recent happenings!
I love this picture and these girls! Some of my dear friends! (missing Maddie who was taking the picture and other Mako girls who could not make it) We had a Mako HS girls' photo shoot with Maddie, an amazing photographer, and one of our divers! She is awesome!
Wow- after a storm one day we were reminded of God's promise to us!
A collage I made for lit class- symbols of my life

My dear sisters!

Julia as Sissy from Carol Burnett's Gone with the Wind

Cutest thing ever!!! The Brady Bunch! Julia is Alice (middle) and Cara is Cindy (bottom left)

My dear friend Mara! I love her! She is a great friend!! (for more about the adventures of Lily and Mara, see the Hopi/bubble tea/chasing a cat post :o) We played dress up! (nevermind that she is a senior and I'm a freshman! We had FUN! :D)


Lily :o)

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