Saturday, March 20, 2010

Talent Show, bubble tea, chasing a cat, and Hopi Indians

Hey friends!

Well, New Song's annual Talent Showcase was last night! So fun! The girls were awesome! We are at Nana and Papa's but at some point I'll upload some pics and videos! Julia was great as Cher (from Sonny and Cher)- Mom, Dad, Nana, and Papa were laughing the whole time! :o)

Last night my dear friend Mara came with us to the Talent Show and spent the night! Dad took us to get bubble tea at a place called Fat Straw in Edgehill Village. Yum! The tapioca balls were very interesting... ;o)

When our neighbors a couple of houses down go out of town, we watch their cat. Ariel is a nice lil kitty. Last night Mara and I went to put her in the garage early since we would not be home till 10. Ariel had other plans. Those plans apparently included me and Mara- who is a true friend- (I was barefoot so as not to ruin my cute shoes haha- we were both all dressed up for the talent show) chasing Ariel through the woods for 30 mins. Good times! (great Oldies- haha Mara this is for you!) Anyway, we could not get her. So I called Mr. Rick, who was the backup for when we could not take care of her, and he somehow convinced Ariel into the garage later. It was quite an exciting adventure!

All I could picture was Anne and Diana chasing a cow through the muddy field... :o)

Well more later! The girlies are going to bed so I best run. More including the Hopi, photo shoots, and more. :o)


Lily :o)


  1. Haha...Anne and Diana...that's exactly what I was thinking!

    By the way, Lily, what is bubble tea???


  2. check out the post about bubble tea coming soon!!