Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Forty


1354. beautiful weather
1355. getting to see two sweet friends baptized
1356. that the Gospel is TRUE
1357. that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

1358. visiting with dear friends today
1359. our first to last senior lunch at Moe's this past week
1360. the bittersweetness of only having a few more weeks of high school
1361. lots of hard studying paying off

1362. two fabulous professors
1363. the fact that they have both gone above and beyond to help their students
1364. doing homework with my professor and a girl in my class
1365. study sessions with my professor

1366. studying and hanging out with my dear friend Riley
1367. spending the weekend at LU
1368. getting to meet lots of fun people
1369. getting to know my sweet and gracious hostess (who personally blew up the air mattress... talk about being hospitable!)

1370. Panera cinnamon crunch bagels before a residual
1371. hanging out with the wonderful Cori!
1372. our failed attempt to trespass... *cough*
1373. text convos that legit had me shaking with laughter during a speech ;)

1374. getting to see Singarama
1375. getting to know amazing LU students
1376. a cute LU water bottle that says "a gift for Lily Scott"
1377. Vera Bradley release party with my mom and sisters!

1378. two of my favorite songs being played during communion today (Jesus, Lover of My Soul and Behold the Lamb: Communion Hymn)
1379. knowing that God has my future in His hands
1380. Jeremiah 29:11
1381. spring flowers

1382. a beautiful and happy ending of the symposium
1383. two great advisors
1384. lots of laughter while practicing
1385. not feeling nervous

1386. my dear family and friends and professors who came to support me
1387. dear Jenny bringing me a rose and gummy worms :)
1388. grace from the King
1389. Victoria for doing stats study sessions for us!

1390. extra credit (Jenny, you are shocked, right? ;)
1391. sweet note from Jenny on my lamp :)
1392. making one of my best decisions by going to the last day of swim practice
1393. feeling great after swimming

1394. good moments at the Y
1395. doing a good job only eating fast food once a week ;)
1396. our amazing big sister Ariane!
1397. spending Easter with her, my family, and several other friends

1398. my micro professor giving a study session on Easter
1399. cherry coke zero and a happy Vera tumbler
1400. best $0.99 purchase: Soarin music!
1401. excitement for senior toast



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