Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life in Pictures: Late March

Ariane!! We sure do love this girl!! So glad she came up for Easter weekend!!
Love this girl! She was so supportive throughout the whole symposium process :)
Seriously one of the best decisions I made all month - going to the very last day of swim team! :) Love my girls!! 
Lunch date at Fido with my favorite dad! 
March color
Dad and Jolly girl! Dad: "Can I wear a bow?" "No! You're a boy!" so cute!!
Ariane getting some Momo lovin :)
So fun! I won an award at the symposium :) 
Not that I play with my food or anything...
Date with the tot! 

Elders of RBCN!
Guess what we were doing... Micro! 
The room I presented in for the symposium
Birthday lovin! Love you Rach!
Breakfast cupcakes by Cara :)
Sweet Ceces lovin!
Throwback :) Easter 1998
Shower food yummies!
Symposium selfie... ;)
Love these girls!!
S&S sisters on their last Sunday :'(
Alexis! Love her! 
Julia and Jolly!
Sweet friends at my symposium presentation!
Polaroid lovin!
Seriously brought tears to my eyes. Not even kidding :)
My four favorite people!! I love yall!! Easter 2013

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