Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fam Goes to California! Part 1

Here are some pictures! These are from my iTouch- I will post some of Dad's awesome pictures soon!

Beautiful sister in Muir Forest!
Mariposa Grove- Sequoia tree park! (every time I use Hipstamatic I remember how much I love it!)
Heart in the sand in San Fran :)
Sister Starbucks!
Craziest hour and 20 mins of my life... The guys behind us (sitting by Dad) got in a fight... ohhh gracious...
Muir Forest
One of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. A lake in Yosemite!!
San Fran beach! 
Taken and edited by Dad on his iPhone! Golden Gate Bridge!
Lombard Street! 
At the high altitude the chips bag was about to pop! Crazy! Isn't Mom cute?! :)
Selfie in Yosemite
Dear Oakland airport, you need one of these. Because I almost got run over. Love, a Tennessean
So gorgeous! Wish I had a better picture! Sausalito CA!
Super cute parents at Starbucks! 
Fam feet!
Princess Diaries movie marathon at a San Fran hotel! Yes, please!
Mariposa Grove
Enter quietly? Not sure if our fam can handle that... haha :) 
See how there are two golfers? And the rest of the people? Yup, those people were following the golfers around. Creepy!
Isn't she gorgeous?!
Sea lions in San Fran 
I <3 chacos="chacos" class="Apple-style-span" my="my" span="span" style="font-size: medium;"> 
Muir Woods!
If you read through this, you are a trooper :)

Thanks for reading!

xxoo lil

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