Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey friends!

18! Crazy town! What a fun birthday it was! Sweet Brenda had the Gators each bring me a flower and a card- so precious! I got to the pool and everyone sang! Love my kids!!

This past weekend was city meet! Our Gators did GREAT! It was a CRAZY meet- clerk of course was moved into the bathrooms at Centennial Sportsplex (what?!). It was insanity! I helped work clerk of course- getting kids onto the bulkhead to swim! It was super fun- I was able to talk with my kids before they swam but also help with clerk of course! I would ask all the kids the same questions I ask my kids- "How many hands on butterfly? How many hands on breaststroke? What do we not do on backstroke? What's the order of the IM?" I did clerk of course with 6&unders and 7&8s! Julia ran the 6&under boys clerk of course- she was AMAZING! She had all those kids paying attention! And 3,4,5 and 6 year old boys are cute but crazy! With the 7&8s, I found that playing Simon Says was a great way to keep the attention of 7&8 boys while waiting to swim :) I will post more soon!

We WON CITY MEET FOR THE 2A DIVISION!! We won the 10&under meet and then won overall! And we were also the 2A dual meet champs!! So much fun!!

We are UNDEFEATED!! #winning

Pictures coming soon!! And I will tell about how some of our kids broke records, banquet, and more :)

Well, in 30 mins I will be sitting getting my wisdom teeth removed... Yuck... Not really looking forward to it! Prayers are appreciated :)

Much love and many blessings,


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