Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Thirty-Five


1179. my family
1180. late night chats with Julia
1181. two days till SUMMER
1182. an amazing year

1183. excitement for this summer
1184. coaches meeting
1185. lots of fun plans
1186. the three people I will be coaching with

1187. driving with the windows down and the music on
1188. Pandora
1189. iHeart Radio app
1190. warm weather

1191. much-needed catch up time with dear friends
1192. hanging out with Jenny (LOTS of laughter :)
1193. chatting with Laura
1194. hanging out with Abby, Joelle, and Julia

1195. chatting with Anna at school
1196. Chickfila with Riley
1197. surprise party for a fun friend
1198. the amazing friends God has blessed me with

1199. my dear church family
1200. small group
1201. Gospel-Centered Life series
1202. being convicted of sin and finding forgiveness in Jesus

1203. the Gospel is TRUE
1204. Christ-centered preaching and teaching every week at my church (check out our Vimeo and SermonAudio sites)
1205. Jesus has DEFEATED and CONQUERED death and sin
1206. He is coming again!!

1207. Spanish 2 final studying
1208. yummy desserts (to be exact, three courses :)
1209. Ven di sal haz ten ve pon :)
1210. Spanish

1211. Grandview
1212. watching light bulb moments
1213. connections between languages
1214. being able to communicate

1215. lit lab parties
1216. Whitver family
1217. finishing the year at LU well
1218. dual enrolling at LU

1219. SeƱora
1220. very fun friends
1222. a beautiful evening

1223. yearbooks
1224. the "nuns" and JB singing "Sisters"
1225. laughing so hard in physics that we cry
1226. my fab teachers

1227. FaceTiming with the Hipps
1228. studying with Joelle
1229. ice cream
1230. hot tea

1231. blessings from the King
1232. life

What are you thankful for?



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