Friday, May 4, 2012

Life in Pictures

6 days till SUMMER.

On one hand, I am sooo ready. On the other hand, I feel like time is sand slipping through my hands too quickly. I will miss my Whitver family so much! This week I had my precal and lit finals... Next week is physics and U.S. History! Puedo hacerlos! :)

This past Monday was my last day of LU Spanish- what?! I already miss starting out my M/W/Fs with SeƱora and class! I have LOVED dual enrolling at Lipscomb!

With the lovely Rennah and Ari at band night!
Some of the junior class! 
Senior toast prep 

He made this my iTouch's screensaver... haha 
Sweet ceces with the sisters!
This was last week... :)
Coming along!
Table decor
You wish your lit teacher was as cool as ours! Sweet ceces outing! 
Part 2 of the sisters at sweet ceces outing... :) 
I had so much fun blacking out these windows with Joy... is that weird? 
I like this picture. It is artsy. :)
Lunch with Mom and Cara at Local Taco! Yumm! 
Last vocal music and drama performance
Creeper shot of the algebra 1 class :)
Entrance at senior toast 
Super cute baby!! 
From Tuesday... :)

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