Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 5:: Summer Movies

Several movies I have watched this summer. Summer has been oh so sweet since May 13th and ends officially August 17th, technically August 10th. Oh summer, please stay forever! I am sure that once school starts and we get back into it I will remember how much I love school :)

Yes, I am bad at just doing five on these... :) Since my blogging seems to be a little irregular might as well make the most of it ~:-) In no particular order!

1. North and South- LOVE LOVE LOVE.

2. Princess and the Frog- love the music!

3. Princess Bride- I hadn't watched this since I was 5 or 6. And since I am continuously hearing it quoted, I decided to watch it again. Ehh the only funny parts were the ones you hear all the time... It was ok...

4. High School Musical 3- I had to watch it again... it's a nice summer movie, no? :)

5. Bride Wars- I was not a fan of this movie. Too much stress. The "best friends" were very hateful toward each other...

6. Bride and Prejudice- sorry, the REAL P&P is much better! There was some fun dancing but this wasn't fab. It was cheesy...

7. Monty Python: Holy Grail- watched some of this at a July 4th party. My apologies to fans but this has to be the dumbest movie I have ever seen... haha. Me to the guy sitting next to me: "Is this making fun of something or just dumb?" "Both."

8. Harry Potter 7 part 2- ummm LOVE. This was so good. It was an awesome conclusion! I've seen it twice in theaters so far- one in 3D and the other in regular.

9. Mr. Popper's Penguins- very cute!

10. You Again- cute. It was a little stressful but redemptive. Everything that you want to happen happens. Chick flick, huh? :)

11. Father of the Bride 2- very funny! "Velcome to babay lahhnnnd!" "Every party has a pooper so that's why we invited you!" "We are having bonding time George Baaaannks!" "Do the baby vorkout! Make the babies gleeful!"

12/13. Princess Diaries 1 & 2- gotta love 'em :)

14. Mulan- because I always liked this movie... :)

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