Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Saturday:: Catching Up

Hey friends!

I apologize for the lack of blogging... So thank you to my faithful readers!!

Random Thoughts on a Saturday

~My birthday is in ten days!

~I LOVE coaching!! The kids are absolutely adorable. On Wednesday I was so excited- one of our 4 year old 6&unders swam a whole lap of freestyle without stopping! Whoo hoo!

Super cute sign Julia made for the swim team!

Last Fun Friday we had an obstacle course! Above is the "Board Walk" and below are the hula hoops to dolphin dive through.

~We have yet to finish a full meet. I have yet to swim a 100 IM in a meet. Both meets we have had thus far have gotten rained out towards the end. :p

~Last week I went to the Cheesecake Factory with Julia, Cara, Mimi, Sarah Beth, and Jenny before Sarah Beth left for CO :( We had so much fun!!

Julia, SB, and Cara
Charming Charlie- new fave store!

SB, me, Mimi
Tiramisu cheesecake= YUM
Lemon Raspberry
Reeses Chocolate Cake Peanut Butter- they were all delicious!

Mimi & me
Jenny, SB, and Cara

Lunch at Chickfila with some of my Mako girls last week! (minus Hannah who came later :)

~I love these sisters' videos! Six sisters= Cimorelli Band.

~ My favorite:
~Some of the people in my class went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins! Very cute! See the trailer here.

~Did you know a new Winnie the Pooh movie is coming out July 15th?

~One of my favorite photographers- Rachel Moore Photography- just did a wedding that included lanterns like in Tangled! LOVE! Check it out- and be sure to check out Rachel's awesome photography!!

~This video "Thumbs up for rock and roll!" is adorable.

~Latest favorite song: Galaxies by Owl City!

~Special note for Mary Eveleen: we love you hon! :) You are awesome!



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