Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Update: City Meet!

Today was the first day of two days of city meet! All of the teams in the Nashville Swim League (21 teams) compete! Today was the 10&unders. I was at the pool from 6:20 am-6:10 pm. I am exhausted but could not be prouder of my kids!! They were FABULOUS!! We had awesome swims and everyone did great and had fun! It was super hot :p but thankfully the water was freezing- which is perfect for the swimmers!

One quick thing I will share tonight and then will post more later!

We have a pair of twins- brother and sister- who are great swimmers but have gotten DQ'ed for little things in the past meets. Today they were doing great and before their IM's (since it's all four strokes it's very easy to get DQ'ed) I sat down with each of them and we went over the IM. What's the order? How many hands do you touch with on each? Which can you do flutter kicking on? Which ones can you not do flutter kicking? Ok, you dive in- then what? I was SO thrilled when both of them swam WONDERFULLY and did not get DQ'ed!!!! :D a huge deal!! Not only that, they both won their heats!!! I was SO thrilled! They did exactly what we had talked about!! Whoo hoo!! Our day was filled with fabulous things just like that!!

Today was wonderful. I am so incredibly proud of all of my precious munchkins!!!

More coming soon- hopefully tomorrow!!


A very exhausted but super proud coach

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