Friday, July 22, 2011

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Twenty Two


586. a fabulous summer thus far
587. games with my munchkins
588. hugs
589. 10 DQ slips as opposed to 50
590. 6&unders swimming whole laps

591. Quin agreeing to swim when I offered to get in with him at the meet
592. days that make my heart smile.
593. that God is sovereign and in control of everything

594. dinner with the super fun people I work with
595. great dives and big smiles
596. tshirts that say "WILD," "COACH '11" and signatures of precious children
597. poster party
598. laughing as the guys paint their nails in prep for city meet

599. Panera runs with the lovely Anna Rose
600. fun times at Chile Burrito, Five Guys, and Sweet Ceces
601. 88.7 WAY FM while I'm driving
602. movie discussion
603. Zach's prep talk for the 7&8s- what not to do while on the block getting ready for your race :)

604. prep for VSBS
605. time with dear dear friends
606. Silly Goose and Jeni's Ice Cream with some of my favorites
607. photo shoots
608. shopping with Mom

609. Hannah's graduation ceremony
610. dinner with my favorite guy
611. finishing my application for dual enrollment at Lipscomb
612. hanging out with the fabulous Mara!
613. Ore-Ida french fries and root beer

614. hanging out with friends at Lipscomb
615. going to the Annie Moses Band Camp's performances (so excited about tonight)
616. a wonderful birthday
617. Facebook birthday wishes (FB birthdays are the best :)
618. present and card from Jenny

619. a cap and candy from my adopted little brother :)
620. card and Chickfila gift card from the cool people I work with
621. 10&unders singing happy birthday at the meet
622. hugs on my birthday
623. Julia taking pictures to capture memories

624. dinner with my family and Jenny at the Cheesecake Factory!
625. movies with Mom, Julia, and Cara
626. lunch/outing with my favorite guy
627. Starbucks with my big sisters!
628. cold showers on super hot days
629. a huge and greater appreciation for A/C

630. ‎"I have called you by name; you are mine" Isaiah 43:1b



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