Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Driving Adventures of Lily- Where it all started

For my lit class, I wrote a personal essay about driving! Kind of funny- I turned it in the day before I got my license. :)

I have decided to blog about my first 10 solo driving experiences!

My essay! "The Driving Adventures of Lily"


“Lily, you are about to hit that tree!”
“Moooom! I am about ten feet from the tree!” I was driving with Mom for the first time, several weeks after getting my permit. I had driven with Dad, but not yet with Mom and my sisters. My sisters dramatically gripped the seats and shrieked whenever I made a turn. “Lily! You almost ran into those people’s yard!”
“Mom! I was very far away from their yard!”
Twelve days before I turned sixteen I got my permit. Dad and I sat in the Driver’s Service Center for two hours. Eventually, I took the test, passed, and had my picture taken. I finally had my permit! Once I had it, Dad decided we should go practice driving on the Natchez Trace. Once on the Trace, Dad pulled over so I could drive. Talk about stressful! I had never driven in my life and always failed at Wii driving. “Um, so which one is the brake?” I asked Dad, joking. Once I started, I had a death grip on the wheel. It was scary but I wound up being behind the wheel for the first time for about an hour!
Dad and I decided to take a trip over fall break down the Trace to Mississippi so I could practice my driving skills. I drove for several hours and we made it to Tupelo, MS. Driving on the Trace is pleasant because there aren’t any traffic lights, little traffic, and lovely scenery. One of the highlights of the trip was pulling over to pick some cotton! I still had yet to drive on the interstate.
One day, we were going to swimming and were running late. I volunteered to drive, planning to take Franklin Road to the ISC off of Concord. As we pulled out of the driveway, Mom announced I was going to take the interstate. “What?! I haven’t driven on it yet!”
“You’ll be fine!” Mom said. Five minutes later it was time to get on the interstate. I was worried about merging into traffic. Just like the first time I ever drove, I had a very tight grip on the wheel. I was still trying to get the whole merging thing down as I left the ramp. Mom started yelling, “Speed up! MERGE! MERGE!” We safely made it onto the interstate! Once we arrived at the ISC in one piece, Cara shared some thoughts as we were walking in. “When you were driving on the interstate for the first time, I was thinking about what else I want to do before I die.”
“Cara! I am a great driver!” I exclaimed, laughing.
Over Christmas break we took a trip to Atlanta. Mom and Dad decided that this would be a prime time for me to practice driving. By this time, I was feeling much more comfortable with steering and enjoying it. I had safely transported my family and various friends. We left one afternoon and I drove the whole way to Atlanta, which was over four and a half hours. Mom sat in the passenger seat and fed me snacks so I could focus on driving. Going through Chattanooga and Atlanta was stressful but we did not have any problems! I also drove most of the way back the next day. We won’t go into how I almost hit two semis.
I have learned a lot about driving in the past several months. I enjoy it and am comfortable with it! Driving gives you much freedom, responsibility, and accomplishment. I have learned to work well under stress. I am hoping to get my license soon! The “Lily Driving Adventures” continue!

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