Thursday, August 19, 2010

camp take two

-Breakfast crew every morning with Olivia! Woke up at 6 to be at the kitchen at 6:30. I made the orange juice (=mixing the concentrate and water- there is an art to making it though ~:-) Allie, Joe, and Troy would try it every morning :o)
-"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, sayin hey-o, time to let go"
-singing every day during devotions!
-the day Alli, Troy, and Caitlin were dancing and singing to Party in the USA
-how Bishop and Caila named the sinks and sponges
-the night the last to leave girls came home after having to scrub the walls- they were hysterically delirious.... kinda scary haha
-our food parties in Hilltop
-the one night everyone was creeped out, I of course was talking in my sleep (and scared Emily and Cat whoops! ~:-)
-the last shower I took at camp was FREEZING- good times!
-playing ultimate frisbee: kitchen vs. men staff
-Lo's cheers at the ultimate game: "Give me a U!" "U!" "Give me a G!" "G!" "Give me an L!" "L!" "Give me a Y!" "Y!" "What does that spell? MEN STAFF!" hahahaha!
-Lo's dancing
-One of the first days when I was trying to find the air freshener I had bough at Walmart. Me- "Where is the air freshener?" after 10 mins of searching. Bishop- "I ate it."
-the day I went to scrapbooking with Julia
-the whole creeper incident hahaha. Following the men staff down a dark road. Me- "Let's stay with them!" and then they break into a run and we hear someone yelling "Hold your ground!" ahh good times!
-Troy running through the Jessica Simpson jean display at Belk in the mall
-everyone doing British accents all the time
-tie-dying shirts on girls' night in the kitchen
-the time we ran out of clean slop buckets during Rush and Lo yelling "Somebody get me a slop bucket!!!"
-helping make bread in bakery
-good chats with the amazing Jessie Rae :o) (remember the one in the camp parking lot? good times good times)

And I am going to steal a quote from Linds to finish this post :o)

Till the reminiscing ends,

Lils :o)

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