Wednesday, August 18, 2010

camp take 1

-"I'm just a mellow mellow fellow"
-dance parties in the kitchen while we washed dishes (to Ridin Solo and Dynamite and many more)
-Chris or Joe saying at the beginning (about carrying the heavy silverware around)- "Ok so you are all girls except for Derek. So y'all either need to suck it up and carry it or be cute and ask a guy."
-how excited we got about our first outing- to Walmart! Some girls even made a list on the um wall of what they were going to buy :o)
-how much fun the mall/movie/dinner EP was!!!!
-hangin' at the mall with julia, jessie rae, lo, chris, joe, troy, chase, and dylan
-the hurricane simulator that chris, lo, and dylan did at the mall. ahh good times! they drew quite a crowd!
-my two nicknames at camp- Lils and Buttercup. (Caitlin gave me the Lils one and Julia and Joe came up with Buttercup...)
-secret buddies
-all of us totally getting over the whole squishing bugs/getting stuff off of the floor or in the sinks/getting our hands dirty thing before the end of day 1.
-all of the dish and prep girls playing Signs the first day (and I failed at doing my butterfly sign haha)

More to come! ~:-)

I start my sophomore year tomorrow!!!

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  1. I've never been so happy to go to Wal-Mart in my entire life! There was actually reliable cell service.
    It's like SS-O-L-O SS-O-L-O!!! Living my life ain't got stress no mo!!!!!
    It's funny how it's way more fun to talk about these memories than experience them. :P