Friday, July 30, 2010

Helloooooo Camp Greystone!!

the gazebo
when we went in november
where mom teaches cooking (in the far back)
dear ole bev- where mom stayed the past few years (wondering where we got bev? beverly hillbillies hahaha)
the dining hall

Dear blog readers,

"Ohhhh... welllll.... hello Libby well hello Virginia it's so nice to be back here where we belong!"

We are off to our dear Camp Greystone bright 'n early tomorrow morning! Mom will be teaching the cooking class, Julia, Jessie Rae (we are SO excited that she is coming with us!!!), and I will be working kitchen staff, and Cara will be a camper! We are just about all packed!

I was excited to find out today that a gal named Micah, who was in my cabin a few years ago, will also be working kitchen staff with us!

First year folks who work kitchen staff will be cleaning the dishes of 700 people 3x a day. :o) As Ms. Lydia said, we will have some stellar dishwashing skills when we come home ~:-)

Please pray that everything would go very well! And also that I wouldn't get dehydrated!

We are very excited!

"There's a camp in ole Tuxedo, that's really super neato..."

So, dear readers, posting may not happen so much in the next two weeks. I can send posts from my phone though!

See y'all on the 14th! Hope to see you guys at the conference!

Register here for the conference (register by Aug 7th to get the $35 price, after then it will go up $5 per person)

Ask me about the Pay-What-You-Can policy!


Yours truly,

Lily :o)

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