Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camp Update!

Started 8.8.10 at camp

Hey friends!
We sure are missing all of y'all!
Camp has been really fun! We are super busy and have been working very hard but it is still very fun! Julia, Jessie Rae, and I are all part of the dish crew. Dish washes all of the dishes! ~:-) Prep prepares all of the food and takes care of the salad and fruit bar. Bakery makes the bread, rolls, and desserts. The cooks make all of the food!
A little more about Dish:
There are lots of jobs in the dishroom. There is the drink job- you fill up all of the pitchers and when rush comes you are helping two men staff put cups, pitchers, and mugs into the racks to go through Chester. Two people do the drink job. There is the big sink- 3-4 people are washing the plates. Slop- one person (Lo did it) dumps all of the leftover food into the slop bucket and sends salad bowls, platter, and other misc. items to the left and plates and bowls to big sink on the right. On the two sinks to the left of slop, two people (it was usually Bishop and Caila) wash salad bowls, pans, platters, and other misc items along with the middle sink (Micah did that one). Several people load all of the plates, platters, bowls, salad bowls, and everything else onto racks to go through Chester. Jessie Rae was our main loader with several other people. One person loads the racks from the middle island to Chester and moves the silverware back and forth. The silverware has to go through Chester 3 times. Derek was our other main Chester loader. Then 2-4 people unload everything from Chester. Plates, cups, pans, bowls, salad bowls, and other misc items from bakery, prep, or cook side.

I preferred to unload or do big sink! Otherwise I did everything else a couple of times except for slop.

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