Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am thankful for:

-the fact that God answers prayers!!!
-good news about the job of a dear friend at church
-my dear darling family whom i am so very thankful for!!!!
-a wonderful and encouraging church family
-hearing the Gospel preached every week at church
-fun outings with Hannah :o)
-youth night
-great sales at Kohls
-people excited with me about the conference!
-amazing friends!!!
-spontaneous celebration outings to Sweet Ceces with girlfriends
-getting to go with Lydia to GPRC
-getting to watch three very fun little boys this past weekend
-my fave shows on TLC when I'm exercising at the Y. I know that sounds really lame, but how could I be motivated to exercise otherwise? haha ;o)
-a really awesome mom who not only is amazing at everything, she also has great taste when picking out clothes for me :o)
-getting to spend lots of time with Dear Dad while he has time off :o) Thankful that he has time off!
-very fun and wonderful sisters!!
-listening to the girls play harp. beautiful.
-getting to work with the amazing coordinators for the DHT conference
-a very inexpensive meeting place for my publicity meeting
-getting visits from the little princesses next door :)
-being able to play every week for church
-God's mercy and forgiveness every day.

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