Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"can't you just call me cordelia?"

I love that movie! Today I watched part of Anne of Green Gables. :o) Such a classic! I can practically quote it! It is awesome!

Monday night was RBCN Youth Night at our house! It was so much fun, although we dearly missed Jessie Rae, Mara, Nicole, and Bryan! We played spoons, Rockband, Balderdash (talk about a fun game for a big group!!!), played piano/guitar and sang, ate really yummy food Mom made, and had good fellowship. Thanks for coming, guys!!!

Today we had a coordinator's meeting at Two Rivers! It went very well! Walking into the sanctuary really made the conference a reality! It hit- wow! In about 2 months or so there are going to hopefully be lots of people in here!

Yesterday Hannah and I went shopping at Target! I love going shopping, driving, going to breakfast, and hanging out with Hannah! :o) She is super fun!! We got some stuff for the GPRC's Clothes Closet! We had lots of fun picking out cute baby clothes ~:-)

Swim team has been going well!

It makes me sad to think about how fast my summer is going to fly by.... :p

Have a great day!!

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