Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life in Pictures

Belmont lovin!
Sweet baby with Mom!
Aaron Academy graduation with momb!
My second home!
My girl is graduating! 
Senior girls tea!
Aaron Academy graduates 
Zach and I missed the first few days of practice - but thanks to our fabulous coworkers we were still there :) This and a cute video of the kids holding "us" made me so happy while I was at camp! Thanks yall! :)
Our new BFF! We call it a wrench but it is really a ratchet... #legitusageofratchet 
Ummm how cute is this?!
Happy birthday, Mimi!! We love you!!
6&unders enjoying Red Light Green Light! So much cuteness!
Member can't find keys? No prob! Our lifeguards are awesome! Yes he dug through the trash! :)

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