Tuesday, June 11, 2013


As soon as I graduated, I hopped in the car and drove to NC to be a CAMP COUNSELOR at my beloved Camp Greystone!! It really was a dream come true! :)

I was so thankful - I had an amazing co counselor, Emily! I am so thankful that the Lord put us together. She is wonderful! It was so refreshing to be with her that week. She loves the Lord and it really shows in her daily life and conversations! Throughout the week we realized we love lots of the same things! So fun! It was also a blessing - both of us are used to being able to process and debrief with our moms. It was so nice to have each other! We had 10 super cute and adorable little girls who just finished first grade. We had several trips to the Health Hut for various reasons and it really was a huge blessing that there were two of us! I miss getting to chat with Emily after the girls went to bed and we were filling out our daily reports. She is a gem and I am so glad I met her! It was definitely a bummer being late to orientation (graduation... kind of had to do that ;) but I got to know some really great gals that we stuck with the rest of the week. There was even another Belmont gal - how cool is that?! We had a really fab group leader - she helped us so much and was very supportive! It was a really great week and I am so thankful I got to be a counselor! We also had a very sweet Nurturer - she came to pick up our reports and bring us treats each night after Taps!

So fun - I taught the Interlude dance to a group of the counselors and we did it in the Counselor Talent Show!! :)

Second cabin picture!
One of the sweet girls at my table! This was the last day (looking a little rough haha)
Umm did not realize we had room for several more people... :) girlies after Bible class!
Anne and Callie are so fun!!

Interlude dancin at the Counselor Talent Show!
Smith is amazing. Who knew 327 campers could get so excited about no trash?!
First cabin picture!! Upper tentalow four! 
Our gals at Candy Shoppe! 
Babies at cheerleading!

Moment of truth... Did Smith find trash?!
Claire is super cool. 
Sweet friends! Mary Hurston, Emily (my fab co), Claire, and me!

Our gals + another cabin at Ring Tennis 
Dance party!

These next few uploaded weird... 
My fabulous counselor backpack! I have not gone without it since!

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