Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life in Pictures:: Mid April

I plucked a pineapple? :)
International Day singin'! 
I love this lady!! She is so impressive! Not only is she a great student, she is a great mom! It has been such a blessing to get to know her in micro this semester, and her precious daughter Taylor!! Here we are at CPA's performance of Bye Bye Birdie!
Cheekwood tulips by Dad!
So precious!!
Umm... yes a picture of food :) for a few weeks one of LU's restaurants had a flat with all of my favorite things!!
So I basically work with some of the coolest people ever. "We are a winning team!"
CPA's play!
Where would I be without this girl?! Dear dear friend and fabulous study buddy!! I love you!!
With the adorable dean of arts and sciences at LU (symposium!)
Playing with my new Phoster app 
Awards reception at Longview Mansion
It's always Christmas in this prof's office :) 

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