Monday, January 28, 2013

Life in Pictures

Tea Party
My people! I love these folks!
I love this girl so much!
My second home
Sometimes I stain the cell. Sometimes it stains me. 
Senior lunch!
I love Nana!! So glad I got to spend the night with yall!
Three of my favorite people! Getting ready for another awesome summer!
My favorite flower :)
Julia changed the settings so anytime someone typed my name it turned into "The greatest zebra ever".... 
Getting ready for ESL!
I love this girl! She is so dear - she came to cheer at my last meet! 
Love this girl!
Apparently an LU student liked the Kroger shopping carts...
Crafts night with cute LU girls! What a fun evening!
My girls!! (we had to entrust my phone to one of the guys...)
It's a party everywhere we go :)
Last regionals :/ this looks pretty calm...
ESL prep!
Product of our crafts night!
Present from my awesome Mako buddy!!
Starbucks Dude: "What's your name?" Me: "Um Riley." Guy: "Umriley?" Me: "Riley... Can you draw a smiley face? It's for a friend!" Guy: "oooh is it for a gentleman friend?" Me: "Um not it's for a girl friend..." Guy: "aww we'll just stick with a smiley face then." 
Studying for the first micro test with my girl Riley!! I love you!!
Love them :)
My girls and our tights! We may or may not have coordinated/planned this... ;)
Cara's studying method...
Note to self: if you say "oh I'll take off my warm, fluffy socks before I go out in public" it won't happen. You will look down and see this... oops... keepin it real 
Right before our first test!!

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