Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful- November 16

Definitely got behind... But I am just going to keep going :)

Today, I am thankful for:

-Thanksgiving break!!
-sweet mama going on adventures at LU with me
-Camille! Dinners, study parties, heart to hearts, and maybe demasiado espaƱol ~:-)
-going to the pool and feeling like I'm going back home after being gone for a while.
-the Makos!
-cheesy sweater day at school.
-Grandview dinner and the fun LU friends
-a lovely ceremony honoring our ESL students
-proud and excited faces getting their certificates
-Ms. Lezlae and Celeste!
-potatoes and ice cream at 10 pm: dinner of champions
-Sonic with Jenny and some catch up time!
-my new Disney piano songbook- it is making me very happy :)
-lovely chats on Thursdays
-lunch with a sweet friend
-notes in the mail
-a little time to do some shopping
-that God is in total control.



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