Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life in Pictures: November

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks!
With Ariane at Opryland!! 
Hot tea in a happy Christmas mug :)
Love this girl!!
Artsy food pic?
Take two
Cheesy Sweater Day!!
Cheesy Sweater Day!! (Yes I did wear that little gem to school... senior year no regrets right?! :)
ESL Certificate Ceremony! So proud of all of the students!
Lighting of the Green 
Factory chair with my little sisters!!
Finished an application!
Lighting of the Green
Love these girls!! 
Lunch with my favorite guy! 
mmm... Peppermint mocha freeze at the Well!
Cute girls!
Lunch with my favorite guy!
The extent of my Settler skillz...
Love this! PC: Julia
Classic Opryland shot
Love this girl!!
Sometimes mysterious pictures show up on Julia's instagram... *cough*

The Well!
Cute girls!
Look at the fun Thanksgiving Eve swim practice we did :) Thanks Coach Lezlae!! My favorite was definitely the pumpkin toss :)

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