Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update- Life in Pictures

It's SUMMER!! What a happy thing to say!

Sorry that I have been AWOL the last few weeks! After finishing up finals and school, we went to Disney and Universal!! So much fun!

Coming soon... Disney secrets, Julia's birthday, last day of school, Ben and Jessie's wedding, and more!

But for now...

Here come pictures from our trip!

Favorite family picture from the trip (+ Tigger :)
HP World!
Plans for the addition to Magic Kingdom- SO EXCITED!!
Julia and a butterfly in Epcot
Lunch at the Perez's with PaJoe!
It's the Lorax!! - Universal Studios Florida
Marie from Aristocats - France in Epcot 
Group picture with the super fun Todds (minus Julia our photographer) - HP World in Islands of Adventure
Stormy day in Magic Kingdom
Telephone booth in England, Epcot 
Leaving Universal Studios Florida 
Mrs. Potts! France, Epcot
HP World! Islands of Adventure 
Instead of posting 50000 pictures, I made some collages :) Top left clockwise: Epcot, fam at Epcot, sitting outside of the USA in Epcot, girls with Rabbit and Pooh, our fave ride- SOARIN!, and Lily and butterbeer!
Tink! Magic Kingdom 
Cara :) 
Waiting for the parade in Universal Studios Florida! (Cara is peeking through my hair??)
Despicable Me!! 
Aurora!! France in Epcot
Walking through a 5 min wait for Soarin, Tink, picture on Space Mountain, Mom and the girlies with pumpkin juice and butterbeer, Mickey ice cream bar, and super cute parents!!
Lots of Minnies and Mickeys in Magic Kingdom's Emporium!
it's a small world!!
Fast Pass is the bomb! The Pooh ride gave us some random tickets to Mickey's Philharmagic... :) 
Twinings in England, Epcot!
Encouraging sign at a rest stop in Georgia.... awesomeeee

Pretty sky on the way home

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