Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Thirty-Three

(This has been sitting in my drafts since last Tuesday... oops :)

1107. BEAUTIFUL weather
1108. driving with the windows down
1109. an amazing spring break
1110. grace to get back in the swing of things

1111. green of spring
1112. flowers
1113. flowers from Dad
1114. Ariane coming to visit

1115. FaceTiming Joelle
1116. the library
1117. Grandview
1118. reading a Story Book Bible with a sweet woman

1119. kid duty
1120. precious munchkins
1121. LU friends coming to Grandview
1122. my Spanish class

1123. my Spanish professor
1124. chatting in the hall after class
1125. touring Lipscomb and LOVING it
1126. tour buddies: Mom, Dad, and Christina!

1127. new friends
1128. nursery with Shannon and Charlotte
1129. nursery with Laura and Teresa
1130. life chats

1131. five super cute kids at our house
1132. Ms. Kathy
1133. life chat with Michal after Grandview
1134. good news about a friend's baby

1135. that HE IS RISEN!!
1136. the fact that this changes everything
1137. the Gospel is TRUE
1138. Jesus has conquered death

1139. Dad
1140. Mom
1141. Julia
1142. Cara

1143. dinner with Nana and Papa
1144. hanging out with Nana and Papa before art
1145. a nice (but sad) end to Makos
1146. Makos

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