Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 :: In Pictures :: Part 1

2011 :: in pictures!

Coming soon --- 2011 :: In Thanks and 2011 :: In Words

{Note: I made a folder on iPhoto with photos from 2011 I wanted to include. How many were there? 217= craziness! So since I don't have enough time to post all 217, you don't have time to look at 217 pictures, and the post probably can't hold that many, I'll post the highlights and maybe some links :)}

 Rang in the 2011 New Year with these lovely ladies (+Jenny, Julia, and Elaina Joy)
 Annual Mako HS Girls' Party at the Cheesecake Factory!

 Mirror pic in Claire's!
Second home - ISC!
 Sweet and beloved sisters of mine!
 Dear friend!
 Hannah on her birthday! I miss having her as my roomie!
 Pottery paintin' with my Mako girlies! (+Beth)

 Valentine's Day watching Emma with my girlies- yes please!
 Chem lab partners!
 Annual BOTB!
 Pretty sister
 The dear Dad!
 Sweet Ceces! (+Mom)
 Pretending that I play harp... :)
 MTHEA Teen Banquet! (here are soooo many fab pictures from this evening! Check out my posts here and the talented MadelinePhotography pics here)
 Love them!


 This is a picture of my room during the time we didn't have electricity for five days....
 Tea with my dear Nana!

 Chem class!
 Fam night out at the Symphony
 Easter with Papa and Polly Jane!
 Polly Jane and Lydia!
 Crazy side of chem lab partners :)
 Senior toast!
 White Queen
 Health class!
 World lit!
 Algebra 2!
 Julia's 8th grade graduation!
 Mom and Julia and the beautiful cake they made!
 MTHEA 2011 Graduation!

Part 2... coming soon!

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