Sunday, December 11, 2011

The past few days in numbers

Taking a quick study break to write a post! I am sad to be missing Walk Thru Bethlehem :'( My Spanish final is 8-10 tomorrow.

Here are the past few days in numbers...

-16.5 hours of sleep from Wednesday night to Saturday morning
-2 fun friends hanging out
-2 exams
-2 Spanish study sessions
-0 meals at home (Mom is out of town :( - and I have been gone)
-3 meals at Chickfila
-1 celebration day of my dear friend Joelle!! (I love you!!)
-1 trip to Opryland- so pretty!
-1 dance recital- everyone was amazing!
-1 Mako HS party- so fun!
-2 swim meets- one HS and one MS
-1 trip to Murfreesboro for the HS swim meet (Makos won!)
-1 regional cut (!!)
-2 seconds dropped on my 100 breaststroke
-2 awesome coaches
-1 most stressful meet of my life (not even kidding)
-1 tank of gas
-2 stopwatches as head timer (magic words: "I was a swim coach" :)
-1 JB song stuck in my head all day yesterday
-4 more days of school
-2 weeks till Christmas
-1 dearly missed mama while she is in Miami for our cousin's wedding (so sad we couldn't go!) :(
-3 more exams (one tomorrow, one due Thursday, one on Thursday)
-0 presents I have bought... (I have a bunch of shopping to do!)
-1 very fun but crazy-busy weekend!
-Several good chats with Julia

-LOTS of dear and fun friends!

-1 tired girl who is ready for break!


1 comment:

  1. "16.5 hours of sleep from Wednesday night to Saturday morning"

    hahahaha, I pulled 14 hrs of sleep from Wednesday night to Saturday morning. Boo-ya! :)

    You were in Murfreesboro for a swim meet??? I was in Murfreesboro for a debate tournament!!

    Hope all the exams go well!!!