Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Twenty Six

My last One Thousand Gifts post was September 25th- too long ago! It is not Monday (the usual posting day for OTG) but I decided to do it anyway :)

799. mums on the front porch from a sweet friend
800. pumpkins and more fresh flowers
801. hot tea
802. my Mako sweatshirt when it's cold
803. Pandora

804. wonderful teachers who want us to succeed
805. physics labs
806. "I don't like crowded elevators"
807. lots of laughter
808. 12 people on one elevator

809. "They are literally rocking the minivan"
810. fun friends
811. holiday party
812. my dear sisters
813. my family's great sense of humor

814. book to read from the library
815. the library
816. game night with fun friends
817. sweet notes in my mailbox at school
818. snail mail

819. Spanish class
820. Grandview
821. pleased and relieved smiles when I say "¡Muy bien!" when their answers are right
822. using Spanish as a bridge (nuestra puente)
823. "?Comó se dice en español?"

824. getting to be a part of the ESL classes
825. learning the Spanish word while they learn the English (to chew, masticar; caracol, shell)
826. understanding it when someone speaks in Spanish
827. my lab partner Dee!
828. Chickfila for breakfast

829. yearbook staff
830. excitement about this year's yearbook
831. free screenings of new movies
832. getting to sub for my dear friend's swim lessons
833. my Makos

834. playing George Winston's "Joy"
835. practicing for the Christmas Spectacular choir song!
836. playing/singing with Julia, the creative one and improvista (I think I just made up a word...) :)
837. laughter throughout my Thursday
838. high and low chat time

839. "Oh wait... you're homeschooled."
840. homemade sugar free ice cream
841. family vacation to Charleston!
842. crazy adventures on the beach
843. time with my 4 fave people

844. photo booth
845. church picnic!
846. breakfasts at Fido
847. fun nights with dear girls
848. Emma

849. lunch with Jenny, Graham, Julia, Cara, and Rachel
850. Pei Wei, Publix, and Ironwood
851. last time to take the PSAT
852. catching up with dear friends
853. sweet munchkins

more coming soon!

~Lily (who is going to try and catch up on some much needed sleep :)

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