Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday ~ Update

Hey friends!

Whew this has been a busy week!

~Thursday was our first day of school!! It made me so happy to see my dear Whitver family! I had a really great first day- yay!

~Wednesday I had an interview with a Lipscomb Spanish professor! She is lovely and I am so excited about taking her class! Mom and I got super lost trying to find her office... I am officially registered to take Intermediate Spanish 1 at Lipscomb! My classes, which will be three days a week, start this Monday! I am very excited!!

~My deep thought of the day: why are the pie crusts/filo/puff pastries in different sections at Kroger? Why not all together? Like who thinks, "I need puff pastry! I bet it's by the frozen cakes!" umm what? I do not think that way. I think logically and go look in both pie crust sections... :)

~Our summer reading for lit was The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne! I didn't think I would like it but I did. I loved watching Hester transform into such a wonderful woman! It was beautiful to watch that. Chillingworth was a CREEP. And Dimmesdale needed to be strong and own up to what he did. Pearl was crazy. :) I loved how it said that Hester named Pearl because she gave up all she had for her. Um presh?! If you haven't read it you should!

~Have I mentioned how fabulous my Whitver family is?!

~Whoa colleges are really amping up their advertising... I got FIVE letters/flyers from five different colleges the other day! Craziness! What's REALLY craziness is that I will have to start looking at colleges this year...

~On Thursday I "adopted" more sisters :) I like having lots of sisters :) (and I have one "adopted" brother :)

~I got a Google+ account several weeks ago. I am still as lost as I was when I got it. I have not spent great amounts of time trying to figure it out or anything... All that's happened is some creepy people have added me and I don't know how to block them from following me... help??? I might just delete it... What are the chances that Google+ is the next Facebook?!

~Julia, Mom, Rachel, Ms. Laura, Jenny, and I are not doing sugar for three months. Yes, you heard (read? haha) me right. Three very long months. I am having sugar withdrawls... Today is only day 6... We are working on having a healthier lifestyle! Devotions, exercise, etc every day. We can have one treat per week :) My treat this week was delicious Mocha Punch (tasted like a frosty!) made by Lydia today at Mandy's baby shower!

~Yesterday I was feeling kind of sad. I had a sad shock of reality- sugar free caramel sauce is nasty. It is nothing like real caramel sauce. SAD. So I decided to buy some Disney music with some iTunes gift cards from my birthday (thank you Mom and Dad, Cara, and Christina! :) and then go for a "run." (why is this in quotations, might you ask? I am not a runner. That is why...)

~So in my attempt to be healthy and get exercise I went for a run/walk yesterday. And what happens? I almost get hit by a car. A guy let me cross the street and so I ran across. But a guy coming up to the stop sign (and it was NOT his turn) was texting/looking at his phone and not focusing on braking at the stop sign. My body started screaming "get out of the way!" and the guy looked up just in time before he might have hit me. He wasn't going fast enough to kill me but I would definitely have been in the ER last night... It really shook me up. It is a weird thing to see your life flash before you.

~I was SO thankful that God protected me!! I am so thankful that He had His hand on me and protected me. Thank you, Lord!!

~I am also thinking maybe this is a sign I should quit the running thing... Anyway I am sticking to the Y from now on! (and swimming and walking.)

~After kind of a sad day, we had a super fun evening- Game Night at the Jacksons with the Graves and Adams! It was so much fun! I even won the game I played- which was funny since I was probably the least competitive of the group I played in :) Thank you guys so much for having us over! We had a blast! Love you all!

~I really want to see The Help!! Have you seen it?

~Today we went to the baby shower for Ava Kate! I cannot wait to meet her in a couple of months!

~‎Promise I am thankful for this week:

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

~"How many times have you told yourself you were going to learn a foreign language?

How often have you wished for that job position, but there’s one catch – you have to speak Chinese! Are you a student and dreading taking the required foreign language? Have you already started studying a language and become discouraged? What if you were given some keys that unlocked the process?"

Check out this website! I highly recommend it and the e-book! Senor Durham is a tutor at Whitver and he is amazing!



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