Monday, January 31, 2011

One Thousand Gifts :: Take Three


48. Glorious and perfect weather the past few days
49. Wonderful time spent with fabulous friends- laughing, chatting, catching up, eating ice cream - life is good :o)
50. Ice cream
51. Fun evenings with my dear fam- including Just Dance with Mom :o)
52. Story time with sweet children at church
53. Fun photo shoots
54. Getting some new books in the mail today
55. Study group today- and using three different forms of communication to make it work :) - in person, via Skype, and via phone
56. Skype
57. Bible Study with dear friends
58. Making my cut at regionals again - by 2 seconds!
59. Pandora- and Pride and Prejudice music
60. My amazing swim team (and my awesome coaches- one even brought delicious cookies today!)
61. The gift of life
62. God's forgiveness, mercy, and never-ending love
63. Celebrating Hannah's birthday with fun friends

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