Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Belated :: One Thousand Gifts Take 1

Several friends of ours have been making a list each Monday of things they are thanking God for- and I have decided to join in! So each Monday I will be on my way to making a list of 1000 Gifts I am thankful for. Ann Voskamp started making a list and is now on 2187! Check out her blog! She also has a book- post from Faithful Provisions and on Amazon.


1. God's mercy and grace, new every morning
2. My wonderful family
3. An amazing church family
4. Story time at church with adorable munchkins
5. Fabulously fun and dear friends
6. Hearing the Gospel preached every Sunday
7. My patient family- who listen to my stories :)
8. The blessing of being able to teach swim lessons
9. Having seven cheerful and enthusiastic munchkins to teach how to swim
10. Getting to read Pride and Prejudice for school- it makes me happy :o)
11. The blessing of homeschooling
12. Healing from sickness
13. My very fun swim team and rockin our meets last week
14. Getting to play in the worship band at church every Sunday
15. The joy and pleasure when my swim students get what I am teaching- and I can see improvement :o)
16. Hanging out with friends at the mall when our chem lab got cancelled
17. Ice Cream Tuesdays and Ice Cream Any Day of the Week days ;o)
18. Seeing very fun friends in Sound of Music
19. Playing music from Pride and Prejudice on the piano on rainy days
20. My supportive and encouraging fam
21. Chatting for many minutes on the phone with Jenny :o)
22. Lots of cute, new babies at church
23. Hearing precious Haven enthusiastically say "Lily!" and "I did it!"
24. Laughing with Julia and Hannah- "HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT BEAN PRICES IN CHINA?!"
25. My Whitver family
26. Getting my paper in on time today :)
27. Hot tea


  1. I'm excited you are doing this too, Lil!

  2. I've heard about her book...have you read it?