Sunday, December 19, 2010


Wow- this weekend has been amazing and crazy! But so so much fun!

YAY I am on break till January 13th!!!

This weekend has included: Christmas parties, Opryland, shopping with Dad, Rockettes, caroling with some crazy talented people, many great chats, gingerbread decorating (Go Team Angel and the Crazy Party House!), getting a little sleep here and there, a great day at church, and many many dear, fun, and wonderful friends! Now off for some baby love- babysitting some cute kids during a church Christmas program! Mom and Dad met Keith Getty last night! So fun!

The preaching was AWESOME- look for a link soon!

I am so blessed. :)

It's almost Christmas!!


Lily :o)

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  1. Lily - sounds like a great weekend! Just started reading your blog. Really enjoying your insights and your witness. Have a blessed Christmas season!