Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Love: Take Two: Media!

This week I have a couple things I would like to share! (check out the links for more info!)

Two Books

Do Hard Things, written by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris!
This is SUCH an awesome book- so good I even was the publicity coordinator to bring the DHT conference to Nashville! Looking for a good gift for a preteen/teenager/college student? (I even know moms who have done Bible study groups using this book!) It is an awesome book challenging its readers to DO HARD THINGS, and step out of our comfort zones to do what God has called us to do. It is very inspiring and my whole family has enjoyed it! Check out these websites for more info! Overview, Endorsements, List of places to buy the book. I highly recommend it!

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris (Alex and Brett's older brother)
I LOVED this book! After reading this I made the personal decision to not date, but instead follow Joshua's guideline of courtship. Wonder what courtship is and why people decide not to date? Check out this wonderful book! Several websites: Josh's page about the book, buy it on Amazon, buy it on CBD. I have had the privilege of meeting Alex, Brett, and Josh! It was amazing to hear them speak at the Nashville DHT conference!!

A Songbook

Pride and Prejudice- music from the motion picture songbook

I LOVE the music in the newer Pride and Prejudice. And I love playing it! This sheet music book is awesome! From: Amazon, SheetMusicPlus.


(One of my favorites is Behold the Lamb: The Communion Hymn- especially since I was baptized a few weeks ago!)


Come Weary Saints- Sovereign Grace Music
(Love this CD!)

Sons and Daughters- Sovereign Grace Music
(Love this one too!!)

Tell Your Mama- The Vespers
The female vocalists are good friends of our family- we love them!

Music from a Farther Room- Flying Colours
These guys graduated from my tutorial last year- they are so talented!

Enjoy! :o)

Three days till Christmas! We may get a white Christmas here :o)

Lily :o)

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