Monday, November 22, 2010


Well... so much for blogging about what I'm thankful for every day... ~:-) I'll catch up! :o)

Today has been lovely. :o) I had piano and swim team. Then, instead of doing algebra in algebra 2 study group, Riley, Isabella, and Chris came over to watch Toy Story 3 and eat pizza. :o) So fun!! Like two seconds after those fun friends left, I headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for a very fun and rockin dinner with some of the HS Mako girls! Jenny, Linds, Charli, Rachel, Hannah, and Harper Grace came!! YUM it was so good!! I love my Mako girlies!!!

Some more things I am thankful for!

11. my algebra 2 class
12. algebra 2 study group
13. chocolate
14. cheesecake
15. peppermint ice cream
16. good chats with dear friends
17. break!
18. learning how to drive
19. safety while driving
20. good news from my dear Nana!
21. skype
22. more good news from other friends
23. photography
24. fall- leaves, colors, bonfires, scarves, smores, pumpkins, mums :o)
25. my mako girls!!
26. getting to see dear friends home from college!
27. good swim team practices
28. laughing
29. freebies
30. my upcoming baptism!!
31. toy story 3
32. getting to play in the worship band at church
33. my amazing church family
34. my dear and precious family
35. keith and kristyn getty's "behold the lamb: the communion hymn" ahhh so wonderful! (see previous post)
36. winning over our technology problems

Today Shutterfly almost failed me. But it came through. I hope. We'll see.

Good night :o)

Lily :o)

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