Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow. Today was a really great day!!!

I am so so so thankful for Whitver. I LOVE it!!! I really enjoy all the people!! My teachers and classes are awesome. Even though it may be a lot of work, I am happy. :o)

And I probably worried some people in chem class today getting really excited about empirical formulas ~:-)

It was really nice to get to chat with several people today that I don't get to see enough. (And I miss my freshman lit lab. just sayin.) I am also getting chemistry which was super happy, considering I wasn't getting it two weeks ago! I love Thursdays! A thought. Last week at band night, as I was sitting in awe of the wonderful performing, it hit me: whoa- these talented people are my friends!

Whitver folks- y'all are amazing.

The lovely Megan took my yearbook picture today! :D

And then, not only did I have a great day at school, Dad and I went to take some pictures at Scarritt! Dad is so amazing!! While we were at Scarritt they were filming a movie called Blue Like Jazz.

I am so blessed.

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