Monday, October 4, 2010

Reasons Why I Love Fall

reasons why i love fall.

i love fall.

  1. cold weather.
  2. makos.
  3. one word- bonfires!
  4. hot chocolate (‘specially peppermint).
  5. scarves.
  6. jeans.
  7. fleece blankets.
  8. colorful leaves.
  9. piles of leaves (and of course jumping into said piles).
  10. lots of HS swim meets.
  11. fall break.
  12. mums. ahhhh.
  13. candles. i love having lit candles and fresh flowers in the house. (not put together of course haha). they make me happy.
  14. one word: pumpkins.
  15. going to the pumpkin patch.
  16. walks with the fam.
  17. going to radnor lake- gorgeous.
  18. photo shoots.
  19. pea coats/trench coats.
  20. cookies.
  21. and lots more.

fall is wonderful.

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