Monday, October 18, 2010

Adventures in Shakertown

Lady at the Shaker Meeting House: "I am now going to sing all 20,000 Shaker songs for you! Is no one going to stop me?" Random tourist- "Well you have a nice voice!" Shaker Lady *singing* "20,000 Shaker Songs!" haha.
Exciting story of the day: Mom and I were sitting in our little house doing homework. Everyone else was out and about. Suddenly the door opened and a random couple walked in. They thought the house was part of the tour. Mom- "Um this is just for lodging guests!" The man pulled out his key and waved it saying "We are lodging guests!" The lady finally got that it was a private house and was horrified. The man was ready to check out the rest of the house! haha it was funny! We saw our "friends" at the restaurant later this evening :o)
Here is a picture of the Main Dwelling!
Lily :o)

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