Thursday, September 30, 2010

I love my fam!

so folks. my fam is basically the best in the whole entire world. just sayin.

my dad is so amazing. i can’t imagine anyone i’d rather have leading our family. he is not only a wonderful dad, he is an awesome pastor. he is an awesome spiritual leader of our family. dad is wise, faithful, thoughtful, generous, loyal, kind, and very smart. i know i just said this, but dad is very thoughtful. if he sees a need he is quick to fill it. he takes us on the best trips and buys the best presents. :o) dad also has lots of integrity. dad is also a fabulous photographer. he takes the best pictures! i am humbly following in his footsteps. :o) dad and i had a fun little dinner outing tonight- we went to dinner (dad- pei wei; lil- zoe’s) and then we used our maggie moo’s groupon!

my mom is wonderful. she is the world’s best cook, an amazing tennis player, and one of the smartest people i know. i mean, she remembers the quadratic equation 35 years later! i can barely remember what i had for breakfast yesterday! (did i even have breakfast?!) so not only is her name on a plaque at vanderbilt for being a genius, she is now leading an algebra 2 study group for my class. and she speaks spanish and french. mom is also very cheerful- all the time! mom is also very good at shopping for clothes for me :o) in fact, some of my favorite clothes mom picked out! my mom is truly an example of the proverbs 31:30 woman.

my dear parents are very hospitable and gracious hosts. i can also totally trust my parents!

i love my family so very much! ok. confession time. i love to talk. surprise, right? ~:-) my family is very gracious. i am sure they can quote all of my stories word.for.word. they can tell you all about pretty much anything i talk about. i am sure they get sick of the same stories (mom, did i tell you about my awkward swimming story? yes, honey, you told me yesterday, remember?) over and over again they don’t tell me to hush. thanks guys :o)

i love you dear fam!!


lil :o)

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