Friday, September 17, 2010

I heart my swim team

Last night we had Mako Spirit Night at Chickfila. So fun! One of my fave places to eat + my amazing swim team + awkward moments= good times!

"Now THAT is an attractive face!"- awkward moment with Jenny. ~:-) I was talking to Jenny and some guy thought I was referring to him..... good times. hahahaha

"Hey guys! Guess what! I drove here!" - me
"What?! I feel so old!"- Linds
"Me too"- Elliott
"You feel old cuz I drove here? WE WENT TO PRESCHOOL TOGETHER!"- me hahaha

"Take a picture of me sitting with my favorite people. Audrey Hepburn on this side, and Marilyn Monroe on this side." - Ian

"I am finally making an appearance at swim team tomorrow!" - me
"You are probably going to have to re-introduce yourself." - Ms. Lezlae

I had a great day yesterday! And it's amazing how actually getting sleep the night before school improves your day :o)

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