Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All in a day in the Scott household

"You just don't do that!"
~My very reasonable and deep explanation for a grammar rule in Spanish

"You are an elf!"
~Emily, describing me

"Goodbye, Grandmother Lily!"

~Cara, making this really weird and definitely out there Garageband podcast...

"Our living room is turning into National Geographic!"
~Mom, after picking an inchworm off of Lily's shirt, catching a rather large beetle, and catching some other random bug all within like a three minute time frame

"Hmm..." *looking at leaves and titles* "Siberian elm, Japanese elm... What's next? Mexican elm?"
~Dad, observing Lily and Mom hard at work naming leaves for a biology project

"Leaves are like snowflakes! They are all different!"
~Me, trying to convince Mom that I did not have ten of the same leaf ("Really! I mean, seriously! This one is MUCH larger. Much. And this one does not have a stem! Okay, maybe that's just the way I picked it... but it is DEFINITELY different. And this one is pointier! I don't care if we are in the good ole US of A this one looks JUST like the Siberian elm leaf in the identification book! Um, I don't remember where I got that one... I was wandering through yards plucking nice little leaves calling my name... Well, this one is not anywhere in the book. It's like a foot long. I think I might just label it a 'mutated giant leaf'. Yes!" hahahahaha! ok... so maybe I added a little eenie weenie to that conversation... but it was along those lines ~:-)

And did I say I only have 9 more days till school is out? yup, I'm kinda excited :o) I am really going to miss everyone though!!

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