Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello friends!

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! I am now on spring break for two weeks!!! Celebration time!!! :D This means that I will be blogging more often! :o)

Today was a good day! I had all my work done by 11:30 last night- yeah!! :P This afternoon we had a lab at Lipscomb- we dissected a shark and a sheep brain.

This Saturday we have a big piano competition- please pray for us!

Check back for more soon! Future blog posts include: the truths behind homeschooling, so what is the rebelution?, why i love swimming and the makos, books i love, movies that are worth grabbing a friend and some popcorn, and more!

Be blessed today!!

Lily :o)

Some recent pictures:

Lily and two matching Valentines- Olivia and Megan :o)
One of the most amazing gifts ever!!! I taught some piano group lessons after Ms. Kathy had her surgery and she gave this very fun box of candy to me as a thank you.
Lily and more very cute Valentines!
Lily and Baby Haven :o)
A very cute picture of Cara by Dad
A picture of cute Julia I took

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  1. Lily dear, How in the world did you get all of those kids to sit in one spot long enough to get that adorable picute??!! How CUTE!