Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life in Pictures

Coming soon... My Visa adventures! 
Peter Pan at TPAC!
New home for the BELMONT SWIM CLUB
Gorgeous sister!
Ball time!

Cheekwood Lights!

Chacos, Spain, A&P, and flowers
35 people + treats = amazing swim club interest meeting! Plus... Visa fun!
I love her.
Two of my faves!
We missed Rach :(
Julia's next gift to me.....?
Love her.
Favorite guy on a Paletas date!
My querida amiga Hannah is super talented.

Breakfast with this gorgeous lady!

Current lockscreen :)
!!!!!!!!!! First ever practice of the Belmont Swim Club!!!
I love her. And our tree.

You know, just some of my favorite people.
RUF Bible Study celebrating Justine's golden birthday!!

Pet sitting :)


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