Sunday, August 25, 2013

College. {Part One}

I can't believe it was a week and a day ago that I started college!! We had orientation Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday was our first day of classes!

{This is kind of like a journal entry... But here you go :)}

Saturday. There was a family picnic on the Lawn. Walking in, there were sooo many people. Me: "Umm why are we here again?!" Cara: "yeah let's leave and go to chickfila." helpful. But we stayed :) I got to connect with a friend from summer orientation! To conclude fam time at the picnic, we walked through the tunnel of love and acceptance (aka yelling, cheering, jumping up and down, excited TT leaders!). {I need to post the video Julia took of it!} Then we had our first sesh and time together! We ended the evening meeting our TT groups! Group 31 Finding Bepo represent! Bepo stands for Belmont Police :) Our sign was Nemo on a bike. Yesss. My TT leader is awesome! His name is Jesse and he is great. I immediately liked my group, and was super excited that of the 10, one of the girls was a girl I had met at orientation over the summer and really liked! Yay! We played a fun game on an app called Heads Up! Good use of 99 cents. Some of us went to Jesse's apartment then we walked over to Sweet Cece's!

Sunday. We had an awesome worship service (I loved the singing!) and then the matriculation ceremony! Then of course lots of seshies. I think it was maybe on Sunday that I discovered the gem that is GroupMe?! Best app ever. Cue lots of quality group messaging during said seshies. Sunday afternoon we went to the Belmont vs Samford soccer game to see our darling and favorite girl Ariane!! Yay!! She is wonderful and it was such a treat to see her! That night they split up boys and girls to have deeper seshes with little skits. AKA don't do bad things in college. My seminar class "Living an Intentional Life" was split up into two groups: 31 and 32. While I was at the soccer game, they had the first combo of 31 and 32. I missed this so got to meet them at the evening program! I was excited to meet the other people in my class! That evening was the church fair! I was so excited to see my dear dear friend Bella reppin her church and then my new RUF family! Sometime during the day we did the Wobble for the first time. The first time of manyyyy :)

Monday. Julia's first day of dual enrolling at LU! I went with her, got our parking permit, and Starbucks! I wore a jacket over my BU orientation shirt ;) I was walking into the morning session back at Belmont when I got a text from our neighbor saying our alarm was going off. Eek! While my group was jumping up and down to win a free tshirt, I had to peace out to go check on the house... Kind of freaking out, I called Julia who was at piano. After finding out that the police were called by the alarm system, I had Julia come get me and we went home in time to meet the police officer. We think the alarm was just being weird! I went back to school in time to watch some of the game shows illustrating the honor code stuff. That afternoon was SERVE! Our groups (31 and 32) were assigned to the Nashville Rescue Mission! All 1800ish incoming BU students (freshmen and transfers) were put on buses and shuttled around NashTown. At ours, we helped organize a bunch of mattresses in storage then got an awesome tour! Such an amazing ministry. That night was the Bruin Blitz! "Raise your right hand and say 'I hate Lipscomb'" I could not say that against my former school ;)

Coming up next... Tuesday, sitting in on several A&P classes, our best GroupMe yet, TT family dinner, my first day of official college, the last thing I expected to do on my first day of college, I see how many colleges I can attend in the NashTown area, my current fave songs, a new name in my English class and whether or not I said Grandma Lolly, throwback prom, RUF, if we were a reality TV show, thrift shopping, and the awesome friends I have made :) Check back soon :)

Matriculation ceremony
I got way too much entertainment out of stalker cam. 
View from the stands

Belmont soccer 
Awko taco rivalry
Good sister, yes?! Julia wasn't as impressed.
Goodness I love these gals!
ARIANE!! We love her!!
First fam photo! Love them!
I guess you could say things are gettin pretty serious
I may or may not have put in a request for them to make adult sizes of this.
Belmont party
Freshies on the first day! (I am out of the screen to the left)
Stolen from someone? Wobble baby wobble

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